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November 18, 2010

No Nunsense Pantyhose For Me! (teaser)

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I move out at 19. I can’t wait to be on my own, do whatever I want, be the captain of my ship.

God has other plans.

In my upstairs room, I unpack my suitcase in a duplex I share with eight Christian strangers. It’s called The Lighthouse.

Living only a few miles from my parents’ home in Kaanapali, Maui, the apron strings aren’t totally severed. I’m confident my mom will kill that fatted calf if my ribs start to poke and the glowing vacancy sign won’t dim if my Pizza Hut waitressing tips don’t cut it. But, technically, I’m on my own. (I have the broken piggy banks to prove it.)

One by one I meet my roommates from all walks of life: a woman who boarded a stranger’s sailboat, once upon a time, and was kidnapped; a middle-aged divorcee with tattoo-lined arms that once held needle tracks; a one-eyed, ex-prostitute. (“I’m sorry, what’s this place called again? The Halfway House?”) These strangers are STRANGErs indeed. Interesting folks, to say the least. Then there are a few boring ones. Like me. Who don’t have any eye-popping life stories to tell.

Not yet.

(Wanna read more? Stay tuned for my book…)


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