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November 15, 2010

Speechless (a teaser)

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I’m speechless. Literally.

Laryngitis, my unwelcome bedmate, kicked me all night in the larynx. I expected a gigantic gabfest at this women’s retreat, not awakening the next day with my vocal chords in a straightjacket. It’s like standing smack dab in the middle of a playful fists-flying food fight, with more than 100 women, and not being able to fling a single grape. If this is God’s idea of a joke, I’m not wheezing.

The Scripture, “Be slow to speak, quick to listen” resonates in my brain. “OK, God, I get it.” I grumble to the only one who can hear me.

The day before, however, my voice is unconstrained. While waiting for the first session to begin, I make myself as comfortable as I can on a wooden bench in a drafty chapel filled with strangers. A gray-haired woman extends her hand. “I don’t think I know you.” My eyes dart to her name tag: Reova Meredith. I introduce myself and ask about her unique name. We chat awhile before she graces the podium and begins speaking about the morning’s topic: “Imparting Christ to others.”

I realize later, without this amazing woman,

I wouldn’t be sitting here.

Reova Meredith, founder of the Center for Women's Ministires, flanked by CWM volunteers.

(Wanna read more? Stay tuned for my book!)


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